Happy November! 
Since the last Happenings, I’ve been a college student! I’m going to class, making good grades, and hanging out with friends.
Megan and I discovered that hanging out in the lobby isn’t actually so terrible, so we made some new friends! We went to the football game with them, and I’ve been hanging out with new people.

football friends

I did a weird juice cleanse. That was a terrible idea. Why did I do that? Should I do a post about that? Probably.
Megan and I have become super dedicated to the gym. It’s become a part of our regular routine, and it’s not so bad!
Halloween happened! I didn’t have a costume, so I fashioned up a “lumberjack” costume out of last minute supplies and went to a party on campus. The guy with me is Neighbraham Lincoln…


For Halloween weekend, I traveled back to Abilene to see my high school perform Beauty and the Beast. It was incredible!


I got to go camping with a bunch of high school friends. We made smores, sang songs, and had a blast.

camp girls snuggles

My boyfriend and I picked pumpkins and painted them. We also went to a bunch of haunted houses with friends. Spooky!


One of the best parts of the weekend was getting to take two little girls I used to babysit to see Beauty and the Beast. They loved it, and I loved getting to see them!


I’m currently back at my parent’s house. We’ve been hanging out and doing fun stuff… like The Lit Crawl!
lit crawlI have a few tests this week, so I’m trying to study for them while getting organized for the upcoming week! Wish me luck.