What’s a Vegan? Interview #2: Bodybuilder Hannah

So often, I feel like we get this idea that a vegan is a hippy-dippy, healthy, millennial woman. While lots of us are (lol), many aren’t! There’s no one unique way to be a vegan, and I’m on a mission to show you how different vegans can be.

I am so excited to bring you this new regular series where I’ll be interviewing different vegans and sharing their answers. From this, I hope you draw some inspiration or find something relatable. all the answers are totally from the individual’s perspective, and the pictures are of her own food!

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save money on groceries

How to Actually Save Money on Groceries

Transitioning from living on campus and using my meal swipes for every meal to having to grocery shop and prep my food every week was an exciting new challenge. I was looking forward to pick what I wanted to eat and trying out new recipes. One thing I overlooked was how much money food can really cost if you’re not careful. I like nice things and I equally enjoy luxury foods. However, reality check, your grocery store trip does not have to cost you all your money. In fact, it’s pretty easy to save money on groceries.

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best vegan restaurants

Best Restaurants for Vegans + What I Order

It can be difficult to make ethical food choices when you’re eating out. If I was choosing the restaurant, I would pick a place that was 100% vegan! However, sometimes it’s out of your control or you don’t have any options. I have compiled some of my favorite places that offer awesome vegan options so that you’ll know where and what to eat! The vegan options I’m talking about I’ve researched online and talked to my local restaurants. However, sometimes ingredients vary and things change, so make sure you check yourself!

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What I Learned from Eating Vegan for One Month

Two days after I returned from my meat-and-cheese-filled trip to Mexico, I quit eating animal products. The timing was perfect, and I was ready for a fresh start. While I had always had an inkling towards a vegan lifestyle, a few documentaries really convinced me to finally make the jump. While some people recommend slowly weening off of animal products, I quit animal products cold turkey tofurkey. After one month, I learned a lot that I’m excited to share with y’all!

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