save money on groceries

How to Actually Save Money on Groceries

Transitioning from living on campus and using my meal swipes for every meal to having to grocery shop and prep my food every week was an exciting new challenge. I was looking forward to pick what I wanted to eat and trying out new recipes. One thing I overlooked was how much money food can really cost if you’re not careful. I like nice things and I equally enjoy luxury foods. However, reality check, your grocery store trip does not have to cost you all your money. In fact, it’s pretty easy to save money on groceries.

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What I Learned from Eating Vegan for One Month

Two days after I returned from my meat-and-cheese-filled trip to Mexico, I quit eating animal products. The timing was perfect, and I was ready for a fresh start. While I had always had an inkling towards a vegan lifestyle, a few documentaries really convinced me to finally make the jump. While some people recommend slowly weening off of animal products, I quit animal products cold turkey tofurkey. After one month, I learned a lot that I’m excited to share with y’all!

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mexico study abroad

My Month in Mexico: a photo series

So as some of you may already know, I recently got the opportunity to travel to Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico for a study abroad trip. It was an amazing trip that changed my life. Story posts, tip posts, and location posts are soon to come, but I thought I would share with you all the best pictures I took along the way (and pictures that were taken of me)!

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Video Chat Date Ideas

My boyfriend and I had only been together for five months before I went to Europe for two months and then college right after. All we had to stay connected was video chat! Hands down, our love language is quality time. This can seem nearly impossible when you’re halfway around the world or even just a four hour drive away. Finding ways to spend time together was really important to us, so I came up with lots of different video chat date ideas!

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long distance relationship

Why I Love Being in a Long Distance Relationship

Today’s post is a bit personal for me, and it’s something that’s been weighing on my heart for a while! I’ve been with my wonderful boyfriend for over two years now, and we’ve spent the majority of that time in a long distance relationship, since my family moved, I traveled to Europe, and I’m now in college. From friends and people who are practically strangers I often get the comment, “Wow, that must be so hard!”

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Get Ready Fast — in 15 Minutes or Less!

This seems like a bit of a strange topic for me, considering I just posted about my journey to becoming a morning person. Well gals and guys and everyone else, before I made the brave decision to dedicate myself to the mornings, I would get out of bed twenty minutes before my classes would start. That is not even an exaggeration. How did I do it? How could I get ready fast, in just fifteen minutes?

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