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5 Things to Do Daily to Stay Organized in College

I… love… organization. To me, organization is not just keeping your space clean; it’s also about keeping your mind tidy! I think my brain works too much—I’m always thinking so hard, and the more I can keep everything else organized, the easier it is to keep my brain organized. If you’re looking for how I organize my classes, click here. This post is just about how to keep myself an organized person overall. I compiled 5 of my favorite tips to share with you!

I’m currently working on Marie Kondo-ing my closet (which is super tough for me!) and then overhauling my whole room, so stay tuned for that!

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The College Student’s Guide to Healthy Snacks + my favorite healthy snacks

SNACKS. You know what I mean? I don’t just love eating snacks; I absolutely rely on them to get me through the day! As a busy college student and part-time worker, I am constantly on the go. Snacks keep me going, but it’s important that they’re tasty and healthy.

To me, a healthy snack is one that gives you the energy and nutrients you need to keep going. While I don’t want to eat an excessive amount of calories, I don’t think calories are something to be scared of; we need them to fuel our bodies!

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How I Organize Classes for Nursing School

College can be extremely overwhelming for anyone. There are a million things happening all the time, with assignments and due dates and exams and work and classes and extracurriculars… One way to help manage all the things happening in your brain is to keep your classes and related materials organized. My strategy is best defined as color coding, and I love this system with my entire heart. I assign each class a certain color and then use that color for every aspect of the class. I’ll walk you through each step. Prepare yourself for the beauty that is organization.

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Everything I Did to Get Into Nursing School

I got into nursing school!!! I’m going to nursing school in the fall to get my BSN, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s been a long process to get here, and I have worked really hard to make sure that I would get into my dream nursing school.

The nursing program at my school is similar to other schools; I attend for 2 years in the pre-nursing program, and then apply to the nursing program, which I’ll attend for the last 2 years before receiving my BSN. So, I had 4 semesters to get my act together and get into nursing school. So how’d I do it?

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5 Technology Must-Haves for College Students

We all know that technology is all around, and no one has to tell you how essential it is to our daily lives. For college students, we all know we need our cell phones and laptops (or reliable access to a computer lab), so I chose to focus on smaller pieces of technology that every college student needs to be happy and successful.
I love finding new gadgets and helpful products, so if you have any to add to the list, feel free to comment below!
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How to Manage Stress in College

Let’s get one thing straight: Stress isn’t a bad thing. Stress is your body preparing to deal with difficult situations. You need that in college! However, we tend to use our stress in a negative way instead of using it as fuel to do better. So, I’m going to be discussing ways to use your stress positively and how to reduce stress in your life so that overall you can successfully manage stress in college!

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