I’m Close Ann… “Close” is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name.  Both of my sisters’ also have maiden names as their first names, and it makes for interesting conversation when I meet someone new! My name is unique and different, and I’ve grown to love the individuality of it!

I’m a first year nursing student at Texas State University (although I have enough credits to technically be a junior), and honestly, I’m rocking college and having fun while I’m at it! Follow along, and hopefully we can both learn from each other’s experiences.

I’m currently obsessed with plants (ugh, hydrangeas and succulents, I love you), photography, pastels, combat boots, drinking lots of water, DIY projects, calligraphy, Twitter, being reckless with my friends, and Hamilton the musical.

My wonderful boyfriend has stuck with me for over a year now, and more than six months of that has been long distance. Our relationship gets stronger everyday as we learn how to manage the distance.

My family lived in three different north eastern states before settling in Texas for the last five years. They just moved again; they’re only an hour from my college now! I have an older sister and a younger sister, a loving mom and dad, and an old dog who my mom loves more than her children.

A few of my friends are attending the same college as I am, but several others are all around the state. This makes for fun communicating and road trips. Not to mention my boyfriend is still in high school back in my hometown (four hours from college; three hours from my parents’ new house).

This summer, I had the opportunity to backpack across Europe, and I’ve always been really interested in travel. I definitely have lots of tips, tricks, and experiences to share!

I’m studying nursing because I’ve always been really good with science, and I have a natural call to help people. I want to have a career that’s flexible and can take me anywhere. Enter nursing.

 It seems like the perfect fit, but my whole life I always thought I’d be a writer. I’m here to explore that side of myself and share my discoveries with you along the way.

I would absolutely love to hear from you, so feel free to subscribe, email me here, and follow me on social media (@closemccurdy).




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