5 Things to Do Daily to Stay Organized in College

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I… love… organization. To me, organization is not just keeping your space clean; it’s also about keeping your mind tidy! I think my brain works too much—I’m always thinking so hard, and the more I can keep everything else organized, the easier it is to keep my brain organized. If you’re looking for how I organize my classes, click here. This post is just about how to keep myself an organized person overall. I compiled 5 of my favorite tips to share with you!

I’m currently working on Marie Kondo-ing my closet (which is super tough for me!) and then overhauling my whole room, so stay tuned for that!

Make my bed.

I never used to be a big bed maker. If I’m just going to get back into it, what’s the point? But, since I’ve moved into my new room with fresh new furniture and a minimalist aesthetic, I’ve realized how important it is to have my bed made. It really takes less than a minute to pull the covers back and toss the pillows to the top, but it makes a huge different! My rooms looks cleaner and fresher, and it makes it that much better when I get into bed at night.

I’ve read some different things about how making your bed makes you feel accomplished; you’ve already got one thing done for the day! I don’t know if that’s exactly how I feel, but I do know a room with a made bed is a good room.

Check my planner.

My planner might as well be my bible. I live and die by my planner. If I need to do something, it’s in my planner. If I need to be somewhere or complete a task, it’s in my planner! I keep it with me and updated, so if I’m ever feeling lost, I just check my planner. This keeps me mentally organized and shows me what I need to accomplish. To read more about my planner: click here.

college planner organization

Make my inbox zero.

You know those people who have THOUSANDS of unread emails? I could literally never do that. I would lose my mind.

I have my email logged in on my phone so I can easily check it throughout the day. Honestly, my email is the first thing I check in the morning. I have a daily NCLEX question sent to me, so I answer that from bed, flag any emails are important emails, delete junk, and mark the others as read.  Silver Macbook Pro

Dump stuff effectively.

The best way to keep your space tidy is to have a place for all stuff. When you get home at the end of the long day, you should have a place for your shoes, keys, bag, etc. to go. This is helpful because 1) it keeps your space clean and 2) you always know where those things are in the morning!

When I come home, I swear I always have like 3 bags full of random things, and I really try to make it a point to put everything in its place!! It’s so helpful for the next day.

college organization

Prepare for the next day.

The night before, I always pack my lunch box, put my school supplies in my backpack, and lay out my clothes for the next day. This way, I don’t have to frantically search for things in the morning, and I save myself time by just being able to grab my things and go. This makes the whole rest of the day go more smoothly by helping me start of on an organized note!

What are your favorite ways to stay organized on a day to day basis?