your body is a temple

I have come such a long way with my personal journey of loving my body and myself. Currently, I’m on such a high of self-love and I can feel my entire life philosophy shifting. Okay, that’s a big statement. But I believe it! One statement that keeps resonating around in my head is:

my body is a temple, not a tomb

This is a quote adapted from Leonardo da Vinci’s quote, “My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.” This strikes a cord in my little vegan heart, and every day, I feel like I have more and more compassion for the creatures of the earth. The idea that my body used to be a tomb for them is heartbreaking. I have the option to fill my body with beautiful fruits and vegetables, but I would choose to put dead flesh inside it instead. How is that treating this body of mine with respect or love?

But, this concept of a temple applies to so many other aspects of my body and my life.

We each have one body. This is it. I believe there’s only one thing in this world that we actually own, and that’s your body. Our body is AMAZING. Your heart starts beating six weeks after you’re conceived, and it doesn’t stop until you die (or maybe even beyond if you become an organ donor…which you should). It doesn’t stop working for you. How amazing is that? This is our vessel through the world. It connects us to each other and to the earth. It is us.

Even if not every part of it works rights or is perfect, it’s exactly that way for exactly the right reason. It’s yours. A gift from our beautiful universe, made of star dust and our ancestors.

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star dust body temple

We have the responsibility and the opportunity to take care of it, respect it, and truly love it. There’s a million ways to love your body, and sometimes, it’s really difficult for us to do that. However, I think there are ways we can treat out body with respect and kindness, like the temple that it is. This is not a post on all the things you can do to be healthy and feel your best, because I have a whole list of those, but just my philosophy on the temple that is YOU.

I already mentioned it a little bit, but what you put into your body has such a huge impact. Spiritually, I feel so much better when I consume things that are better for the earth and the creatures on it.

Physically, I feel so so so much better eating whole plant foods. I listen to my gut. I know when I have donuts for breakfast, my stomach reacts and craves fresh fruit! For some people, listening to their body and putting the right things into it means they don’t eat gluten, or they choose to consume more fats. Either way, it’s your temple that you have to honor.

The right foods then give me the energy and comfort to do other things that I love and help my body, like exercise and sleep well.

Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.

This quote by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff is another one that I can’t get out of my head. I feel so passionate about this. I’m not exercising because I hate what I see. I definitely used to, and that’s such a toxic mindset. Now, I exercise because I know my body can be faster, stronger, and healthier than it is now. That’s not where everyone is at, but if you try, I truly believe you can get to this mindset. You can improve your body. It’s all in your control. But, I think it’s so important to do it for the right reasons. For love, not for hate.

beautiful nature body temple


Your body is beautiful just how it is. But it’s also yours, and you get the freedom and opportunity to do with it what you will. It’s my belief that you can use your body as a canvas (sorry not sorry, mom) to express yourself. I think tattoos can be such beautiful, personal works of art that can be an honor to display on your body. I’m proud to pick artists to do their artwork on my body as a souvenir of a time or place or emotion I held, and I have so much respect for others who do the same.

In the same regard, it’s YOUR temple. Tattoos, piercings, hair color, whatever! Do it or don’t. Do what makes you feel beautiful. Do what represents you and shows who you are. What an amazing opportunity we have.

Maybe something in this resonated with you.

Thank you.

ps. Feel free to save or share any of the lil quote graphics I made 🙂