5 Technology Must-Haves for College Students

college technology must-haves
We all know that technology is all around, and no one has to tell you how essential it is to our daily lives. For college students, we all know we need our cell phones and laptops (or reliable access to a computer lab), so I chose to focus on smaller pieces of technology that every college student needs to be happy and successful.
I love finding new gadgets and helpful products, so if you have any to add to the list, feel free to comment below!
Most of these things come with me in my backpack, so make sure to check out my what’s in my backpack post, too! 

10ft cell phone charging cord

Honestly, where would I be without this? In my dorm room, the plugs were scarce, so I had to use a ten-foot cord to reach my bed. In the library and around campus, longer cords are super helpful. They’re more expensive than a shorter cord, but they’re definitely worth it! Get one from Amazon! college technology must-haves

Spotify + Hulu

Did anyone else use Spotify for free forever before finally caving in and going premium? It took me so long to make the jump, and I can’t believe I waited so long. Downloading music is so easy with Spotify premium. You can make your own playlists for working out, studying, etc. It’s only $5.40/month with the student discount, plus you get Hulu, as well! If you’re in your dorm room or college apartment, you may not have cable TV, so Hulu is really a lifesaver to watch current shows.

Wireless headphones

I would have never, ever, ever bought expensive headphones for myself--I just didn't care enough about them. However, when I bought my laptop, I got a free pair of Beats Solo Wireless Headphones and I absolutely love them. My Beats specifically carry a charge for days, are so comfy to wear, and are super cute! How are you going to listen to your Spotify and watch Hulu without them? Wireless headphones are so convenient when working out and walking around campus. Everyone on campus is listening to music and on the go, so headphones are a must. Wireless headphones just make everything so much easier. Get them from Amazon, Target, or Beats. college technology must-haves

Sound grenade

The most important thing you have is yourself! As a busy woman on the go, sometimes I have to walk alone in the dark. I’m sure you do, too, even though you know you shouldn’t. A sound grenade could be helpful at any time of the day. It works just like a grenade--pull the pin and it explodes sound. In any situation, hopefully this would draw attention to you, scare someone off, and get help to you. I haven’t had to use mine, and hopefully I never will, but it gives me a piece of mind to keep it dangling from my backpack. Get it from Amazon.

Laptop case (and stickers)

If you’re carrying your expensive laptop around everywhere like I do, you have to make sure it stays protected. A good case is essential! Stickers on top just make it super fun. I would highly recommend looking on Etsy for the best assortment of laptop stickers to personalize your own case. On my Macbook, I use a really awesome case. I’ve had it replaced once with their warranty, and it’s help up really well. I recommend it because it’s cheap but durable. It has nice feet to keep it cool and comfy. You can get it in a million colors here.

Am I missing anything from the list? What do you think are your college technology must-haves? Let me know in the comments! I love to hear from you 🙂