A Love Letter to Bananas

love bananas

Dear Bananas,

There’s no denying it—I love you. Always have, always will. You’re the perfect amount of sweetness with a light taste that goes well with anything! You’re just filling enough to be the perfect snack. You’re versatile and a fairly long-lasting fruit. And only $0.44 per pound! No one could replace you, bananas. I’m upset that horrible Americans devastated Central America to get you, but I know that’s not your fault. 

eat more bananas

love bananas

You’re always there for me. I feel like no matter what I’m in the mood for, you’re the perfect addition. There’s so many ways to eat you! Like…

As a snack on the go 

I’ve accidentally smooshed a banana or two in my backpack, but even the smooshed ones taste good. It’s so easy to grab one or three or five and carry them with you whenever hunger hits. No need for a plastic package or to rinse the fruit off. 

In a smoothie

Nearly every morning, I make a smoothie with two bananas, spinach, plant milk, and a yummy berry or other fruit. Bananas bulk up the base of the smoothie both texturally and calorically, give it a sweet taste, and give me satiety. 

love bananas

In a smoothie bowl

Check this out. It’s like a smoothie…but you put it in a bowl! AMAZING. Then you can sprinkle granola on top and even more berries! The super healthy people will add hemp or flax seeds, too. 

As nice cream

I’m obsessed. It’s the texture of ice cream…with the nutritional value and low calories of bananas. Literally nothing is better. Add some chocolate chips or fruit on top for the perfect dessert. 

nice cream banana

In bread 

I made a chocolate banana bread using oat flour and cocoa powder. It turned out so rich and delicious and not too sweet. I followed this recipe, but I used almond butter instead of peanut butter.

As pancakes or waffles

Bananas! THANK YOU for making even pancakes and waffles even better than they already were. Try this pancake recipe or this waffle recipe.

love bananas

And are they good for you? OF COURSE THEY ARE. A banana has 110 calories, 30 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of protein with no sodium, cholesterol, or fat! Each one has nearly 10% of your daily need for potassium, and lots of other vitamins and minerals. You could easily eat 5 of these for breakfast. Their fiber helps you feel satiated and the sugar helps you feel happy. Yes, they have sugar in them, but it’s fructose which is the best type for your body. 

Bananas, you make me feel good. Thank you for always being there for me. I have to buy four bunches of you a week, and it’s so worth it.