Best Restaurants for Vegans + What I Order

best vegan restaurants
It can be difficult to make ethical food choices when you’re eating out. If I was choosing the restaurant, I would pick a place that was 100% vegan! However, sometimes it’s out of your control or you don’t have any options. I have compiled some of my favorite places that offer awesome vegan options so that you’ll know where and what to eat! The vegan options I’m talking about I’ve researched online and talked to my local restaurants. However, sometimes ingredients vary and things change, so make sure you check yourself!

best vegan restaurant
Also a side note: I really am attempting to transition from a junk-food vegan to a more natural foods vegan. Both are better for me than the standard American diet, but I am really loving the way my body feels when I fuel it with whole plant foods. However, sometimes you just have to go out or get some quick fast food. I always recommend having some fruit and veggie snacks for you when you get hungry so you always have a good vegan option.


Blaze Pizza

Y’all already know how much I love pizza. Blaze Pizza is an awesome option and definitely falls in the top of best vegan restaurants! They do build-your-own pizzas, and they carry vegan cheese! They’ve really got endless options. This just opened in my college town, and I got to try out some free pizza at their grand opening. It was so good! They’re sending me more coupons for free pizza, and I’m so excited to eat some more.

The best part is that you can make your own so you can literally get whatever toppings you like! They make it quick, but it turns out like an amazing artisan pizza. I was super impressed with the friendliness of the employees at my San Marcos location, but there are locations all across the country. Hopefully they’ll introduce vegan meats (not my thing, but my boyfriend really loves a good soy-based sausage), but overall an awesome build your own pizza place!

My order: Regular crust, regular marinara sauce, and then load up on veggies, pineapple, herbs, and roasted vegan restaurants



Often, Mexican-inspired restaurants provide the best vegan options. If you’re looking for a bowl or a burrito, you can pick all the vegan ingredients you want. Their tortillas, vegetables, rice, beans, salsas, chips and guacamole are vegan! The sofritas are also tofu-based, so they’re also certified vegan. Load up your bowl and wrap and enjoy your cruelty-free meal.

My order: Bowl with brown rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, lettuce, tomato salsa, and guac.

Taco Bell

I love this place so much. It’s delicious, cheap, and has lots of ethical options! There are so many options, and so many ways to play around! Their cinnamon twists are vegan, which is amazing news. You can build your own tacos or crunch wraps, subtracting meat, cheese, and sour cream, and instead adding salsas, refried beans, guacamole, rice, etc. There’s so many options! Taco Bell has a whole guide here.

My order: 2 bean burritos, no cheese, and a Baja Blast freeze. 

best vegan restaurants

Olive Garden

Hello, their breadsticks are vegan. Again, let your waiter know and confirm there’s no dairy, but their website states they are totally free of dairy, eggs, etc. For your salad, simply get it without cheese and use olive oil and vinegar as your dressing. All their pasta types are vegan, so build your own pasta with marinara or tomato sauce for a delicious vegan meal. If you’re feeling fancy, order the side of steamed broccoli to mix in with your pasta, and get a fruit smoothie for dessert.

My order: Rigatoni plus marinara, endless breadsticks, and a bit of salad.

Burger King

THEIR FRENCH TOAST STICKS ARE VEGAN. I repeat: vegan french toast sticks. This is the biggest seller for me, and my favorite fast-food breakfast location. They also have vegan hash browns, fries, dutch apple pie, and side salad. Their buns are vegan, so if you’re looking for an awesome sandwich, order the bun Whopper with only ketchup and veggie toppings with a side of fries. Put the fries inside the burger for a super delicious vegan “burger.” Make sure you check at your restaurant to know how they are personally frying their fried goods, although they should be vegan.

My order: 5 boxes of french toast sticks (I did not regret eating half of these)

best vegan restaurants


Red Robin

YUM. Red Robin does totally custom burgers, or you can swap any of their pre-made burgers with their vegan patty. It’s super good, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Note that the BOCA patty is vegan and their original blended burger is vegan, but the Gardenfresh burger is not! Guacamole and salsa with chips are good to go, and the fries are fried in their very own frier, so they all are vegan! Check what buns are vegan near you, but when it doubt, use a lettuce wrap!

My order: Vegan patty, ciabatta bun, fresh tomato bruschetta salsa, avocado slices, tomato, and shredded romaine on the ciabatta bun and fries. 

When in doubt, Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants normally have really delicious options. Hopefully this list helps you out!
I’m so thrilled that new vegan options are popping up everywhere. This really is the future, and I’m so proud of and happy for everyone who follows this lifestyle or is making an effort. It can be tough, but you truly are making a difference.