My College Apartment Tour: Bedroom & Bathroom

college apartment

Moving into my own college apartment was something I had planned for for so long. I spent the whole summer saving things on my Pinterest (follow me!) and ordering things online to fully decorate my apartment. And yes, I’ll do another post on apartment shopping and how & why I picked my college apartment!

college apartment

Bed Nook

This is the coziest part of my room and I’m so obsessed with it! I love curling up in my bed with my blinds open, watching the rain fall or seeing the stars.

college apartmentcollege apartment bed

Sheets: Ikea

Comforter: Ikea

Pillows: Walmart, Target, Grandma

Picture frames: Ikea

Art: Lots of DIY!

Desk Area

Did you know that I totally love myself? I do! That’s why I put this mirror sideways on my desk. Not only does it make the space look larger and brighter, I can also look at myself while I’m studying! I tend to hate clutter, but I love the little knick-knacks that make my desk cute and interesting. I store all my books and such on a large bookshelf!

college apartment desk

college apartment desk wall

shelf college apartment

Mirror: Target

Lamp: Target

Board: Ikea

Pencil cup: Target

Picture hanger: Target

Canvas: I painted it!

Bookshelf: Ikea


MY CLOSET IS HUGE AND AMAZING. I don’t even have enough clothes to fill it. I did, however, have too many shoes. My amazing shoe rack was sent to me for free, and I absolutely love it. It was easy to assemble and easy to change its height. It fits all my shoes! The mannequin/dress form was also from the same place! I’ve wanted for so long. I spray painted it gold and put some fake flowers on her head. I call her Connie, and she kindly holds all my bags. Thanks, girl.

college apartment dress form

jewelry college apartment

shoe college apartment

Jewelry hanger: Target, but not stocked anymore 🙁

Connie: DND

Shoe rack: DND


I like how bright and fun my bathroom is, and that definitely comes from the cactus shower curtain and bright green mats. Isn’t it so cute that I have a little succulent to match the cactus shower curtain!? The mats are super soft and work well! On the back of the door, I have an over-the-door hanger that I can hang my towels and giant robe on. My soap is from DND, and it’s the cutest thing!! It’s also super moisturizing, so check that out.

bathroom college apartment

bathroom college apartment

college apartment bathroom

college apartment

Shower curtain: Target

Bathmats: Target

Soap: DND

Sign: Target, DIY

Over-the-door hanger: Walmart

So, that’s my room and bathroom. I’m glad you guys read along. IF you’re looking to shop for your apartment, use my code “CLOSE” at DND to get 5% off! LEt me know in the comments if you liked my room and what you want to see next!