After the ladies at Collegiate Soul sent me a super cute, custom choker for free, I absolutely fell in love. They totally have me hooked, and they know I’m going to have to shop their again. Read on to find out why I love Collegiate Soul so much!

collegiate soul choker

Their jewelry is so super cute.

We all know this is the number one reason to shop anywhere. Collegiate Soul’s products are super cute, chic, and so diverse. Anyone could find an accessory to match your style.

It supports your school!

Throw on your school spirit choker or your perfect, festive earrings to show total school spirit. Plus, Collegiate Soul actually donates a portion of the cost to your own school. How awesome is that? If they don’t have your school yet, don’t worry! You can get custom items, and they’re adding new schools!

They’re not just for college!

While they’re very college-geared, the website also features custom velvet chokers, among other products! You can literally make any product just your own; college-themed or not!

collegiate soul custom choker

They make for excellent gifts.

For example, the Pride Bar comes with a school name on the front and a class on the back… perfect to commemorate graduation! A custom college piece is a great way to congratulate someone who just got into college, or to celebrate someone’s time at college!
collegiate soul college jewelry

The jewelry is high quality.

All of the pieces are handmade in New York with high quality material. They feel really durable and they look expensive!

Collegiate Soul is run by girl bosses.

These are young women just like you and me who are out there starting a business! That’s SO cool, and it is definitely something I’m happy to support. They built a website, a brand, and a product, which they actually physically assemble. Tell me that’s not the coolest thing!

The products are customizable. 

You can get nearly anything printed on the engraved pieces. You can select your metal finish. You can pick your own colors. If they don’t have what you want yet, just wait! Their business is growing everyday.

collegiate soul ear jackets

The pieces are Trendy and fashionable.

Like I said, Collegiate Soul is run by girl bosses just like me and you– they know what kind of jewelry we’re looking for! All their pieces are fashion-forward and on trend.

Best of all, it’s affordable! 

Even though they’re high quality, the price isn’t too bad! Still a little too steep for you? Then go ahead and use this coupon code for a TWENTY PERCENT site-wide discount: SUSOUL. 

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