Video Chat Date Ideas

My boyfriend and I had only been together for five months before I went to Europe for two months and then college right after. All we had to stay connected was video chat! Hands down, our love language is quality time. This can seem nearly impossible when you’re halfway around the world or even just a four hour drive away. Finding ways to spend time together was really important to us, so I came up with lots of different video chat date ideas!

Let’s start with some tips on how to make the most of your video chat date!

Schedule a real date time.

One of the most important things I like to stress is to actually schedule time together. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in “real life” that you forget to or don’t have time to video chat! If you lived in the same place, you’d make time for dates. This is the same thing! So, carve some time out and truly plan a real date night!

Avoid distractions.

I am so guilty of letting my mind or my hands wander, and I end up picking up my phone or messing with something else. What’s the point of dedicating this time to each other if you’re not focused on each other? Pay attention and give your sweetie your full commitment. Plus, I live with a roommate, so I like to find someplace or sometime where it can be just the two of us without anyone around to minimize distractions and background noise. It just lets the conversation or activity be that much more focused.

Look nice.

Again, this is just like it’s a real date! Sometimes, I don’t want to video chat simply because I don’t like the way I look at the moment. What a terrible reason not to talk to someone I miss dearly! So, put on some makeup and do your hair, or whatever makes you feel pretty and special in the moment. You’ll get compliments from your partner, feel more confident, and it’ll make the date seem that much more special.

So, now let’s check out some of my favorite video chat date ideas!

1. Watch a movie together.

Whether you screen share or just stream it separately on Netflix at the same time, it’s easy to curl up with a snack and a pillow. While you don’t get the cuddles, it’s nice to get the feeling of a movie night and have something to talk about or laugh along with! You can use the Chrome extension Netflix Party to sync your Netflix accounts.

2. Cook and eat together.

Plan to sit down for a meal (whether you’re eating the same thing or not!) and just share some time talking and eating like a regular meal. Go even further by propping your laptop up in the kitchen and seeing who can cook a meal better!long distance vide chat date ideas

3. Play an online game during your video chat date.

There are plenty of websites where you can pick an opponent and play a game! Online checkers, poker, or some virtual reality game is great to have some fun. This is especially easy with the new iPhone update… you can play games directly in Messages with the GamePigeon app. If you don’t have an iPhone, you could even play Webkinz together.

4. Ask questions.

Sometimes, you plan to talk and then realize you have nothing to talk about. Google a list (like this one) and take turns answering the questions. More than likely, you’ll diverge from the list and end up telling story after story or in a deep conversation!

5. Learn something together.

My boyfriend and I like to learn songs and sing them together, but you could also help each other study. Share a Quizlet or a Google Doc and quiz each other. This makes it feel just like normal time you’d spend together, plus you’re being productive for school!

long distance relationship video chat date ideas

6. Read aloud to each other.

This one seems really fun, but I have yet to do it! What a nice way to learn something and stay connected. Definitely need to convince my boyfriend on that one…

7. Make a shared pinterest board.

You can create a private and group board on Pinterest (follow me while you’re there). This can be a place for you to mutually share, well, anything. It could be your favorite memes that your partner can look while they’re missing you, or it could be relationship advice articles and date ideas! It’s fun to set it up and then go through on a date to talk about what’s what on your board.

8. Take a walk.

Seriously, take your phone and FaceTime as you walk along somewhere! Make sure you’re still aware of your surroundings, but it’s nice to meander through the park and talk about what you say. You get to experience something together! Aw!

9. Take a quiz.

Websites like Buzzfeed have a million different quizzes for you to choose from. Climb into bed with your laptop and your video chat date and do the same quiz! Compare answers, see what you have in common, and laugh.

10. Make a playlist.

While you’re apart is the perfect time to make the soundtrack for when you’re on your way to each other or together. Pick songs together and make a shared playlist on Spotify. When you’re driving or flying to be together, this is the perfect, exciting, romantic playlist to listen to. Our playlist is a mix of romantic songs, Disney songs, and just goofy things that make us smile.

Most of all, be creative with it! It’s your relationship, and only the two of you know what you like to do. Dance together, laugh together, Bible study, watch each other work, etc. Virtually anything you want to do together is possible thanks to video chat, so go ahead and plan a fun date!