Dessert is bad.

At least, that’s what our brains have been wired to think. Desserts are extra food that our body doesn’t need, and they can lead to health problems. That’s all true, and I’m a major fan of health and healthy living! However, I love desserts. I love cake and cookies and brownies and chocolate and pudding and macarons and pie. I have a major sweet tooth and I love sugar! Do you love sugar?

free macarons dessert
When counting calories or trying to be mindful of your diet, desserts are a major pain. They’re full of calories and don’t fill you up. There’s no room for desserts in a maximized meal plan. When I started counting calories, I was adamantly opposed to dessert. And I would continue my adamant opposition for about a week before I would cave. Then, I’d eat an excessive amount of desserts. Totally binge.

However, I noticed when I ate one sweet a day or every other day, I was more in control of how much I ate. Eating a cookie every day isn’t a bad thing, especially if my other option is 10 cookies a day once a week!

free macarons dessert
So, continuously denying myself the indulgence in desserts leads to a fixation on them. It’s all I can think about… and my strong-willed opposition can only last for so long before I cave. Becoming obsessed with desserts is the opposite of healthy living. My mental health is suffering, too, if I’m constantly longing for something I’ll never get!

Plus, desserts aren’t as bad as they’re made out to be! Sure, they have little nutritional value, but sugar is a carb, and your diet should be 50% carbs! They make me happy. I’m in my prime with a good metabolism; now is the perfect time to be a little less strict with my diet.

Denying myself sweets leads to stress, and I get enough of that from other aspects of my life! My diet should be something I enjoy. I enjoy cookies and cakes and brownies and ice cream. There’s no point in acting like I don’t! A little here and there is perfect for me. I’m still eating healthy. Three servings of fruits and veggies a day, lots of water, filling up on vitamins. I exercise frequently. I’m just living a healthy life with a well-rounded diet!

So, now that I’ve convinced you to eat dessert, I want to talk to you about some dessert to eat! These macarons are AMAZING. Each batch is handmade and packaged by a small business owner. You can check out his etsy shop here: CKMacarons. They’re soft and moist. I convinced my boyfriend, who said he didn’t like macarons, to eat one of them… and then he ate three more. Even with my dessert strategy, I had to convince myself not to eat all of them at once because they were that good! Plus, they’re absolutely adorable.

free macarons dessert

Order some macarons from CKMacarons. You won’t regret it.

Thanks for stopping by! What’s your favorite dessert? Comment below!

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