I spend too much time on Pinterest looking at everyone’s amazingly crafty gift ideas. And maybe, I could pull one of those together if I dedicated lots of time and patience. While I’m sure the personalized nature of the gifts makes them worth the effort, it’s a thousand times to easier to have someone else make the personalized gift!

As a college student, I don’t have a lot of time or money to expend. So, I compiled a list of my absolute favorite Etsy gift ideas that are both personalized and unique! They’re listed in order of lowest to highest price (with shipping included!) so there’s something for everyone. The Etsy shops aren’t sponsoring this or anything, but I’ve linked back to them so you can easily find these super cute gifts.

Variety of Stickers – $1.81+

boyfriend gift valentine’s day stickers

This is totally a unique, inexpensive, yet personal gift! You can pick however many stickers you want, and the shop has infinitely many to choose from. They’re good to simply gift, or you can use them to make a totally new DIY gift, like a decorated water bottle or custom laptop case. Be wary; shipping takes a while on these, so make sure you have enough time between when you order and when you plan to gift!

Cute Cards – $8.40+

boyfriend gift idea cute card pun

Go simple and adorable with a cute, punny card… or five (they’re cheaper per card in a bundle!). Writing your own message or putting your own pictures inside makes this gift truly customizable and downright adorable.

Custom Guitar Pick – $13.30

custom guitar pick valentine’s day gift

There are truly so many variations of this on Etsy, but this is the best one I’ve found! If you have a musician boyfriend, a pick is a totally practical gift that holds a sweet message–and an awesome pun. Maybe this will remind your boyfriend to write you more love songs!

Personalized Key Chain – $16.57

boyfriend gift idea sweet keychain

Again, there are so many variations of custom keychains, but this one is just so darn cute! Custom initials makes this keychain a perfect gift for your boyfriend to carry your love with him everywhere he goes. It’s small and sweet, yet means a lot!

Rock Frame – $24

valentine’s day boyfriend gift

This is so dorky and I absolutely love it! It’s literally a hand-painted rock in a jar. If you’re looking for something no one else has, or something that your boyfriend would never expect, this is it! A fun, punny message that’s nice but not too romantic is perfect for a newer boyfriend or someone who just loves a good laugh.

Custom Wallet Card – $25 custom valentine’s day boyfriend gift

What better gift than a custom message engraved in copper that can be carried with you always? This wallet card fits well into most wallets, and it’s long-lasting. For a little bit more, you can up the character limit and fit whatever message you want your man to carry with him always!

Custom Coffee Mug – $26
valentine’s gift idea

Again, there are a variety of different custom coffee mugs (ones with faces, words, pictures…), but any of them could be perfect for your coffee- or tea-drinking boo! Make it super personal and fill it with a bag of their favorite coffee brew, candies, or some other small gift and tie it up with a ribbon!

Personalized Leather Wallet – $45

personalized leather wallet valentine’s day boyfriend gift idea

This wallet is super cute and practical. Your guy would definitely use this everyday, and he would be reminded of you… score! While this item is pricier, the seller is very highly reviewed, and the shipping is really fast. I recommend submitting your own handwriting sample to totally personalize the gift.

Custom Bamboo Watch – $74

boyfriend gift idea bamboo watch

Although this watch is expensive, it’s simply stunning and has so many good pun opportunities. Might I suggest, “I want to spend every second with you”? Or, “my heart ticks for you”? How sweet and chic is that???

So there ya go! While I haven’t bought all of these products SPECIFICALLY, they look wonderful and I’ll definitely be investing in the future. I’m a nut for Valentine’s Day and personalized gifts, so hopefully you loved these gift ideas as much as I do!
What are you getting for your sweetheart?

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