On Pinterest all the time, I see posts about “losing weight FAST” and “quick way to shrink your stomach.” I decided to give one of these of a try: a smoothie cleanse. I didn’t do a lot of research before I jumped in with my best friend and bought $45 worth of fresh produce to blend up. Let’s go through the process and what I learned through my smoothie cleanse!

Here were my steps for the smoothie cleanse:

  1. Come up with three different smoothie recipes; one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Variety is key to keep yourself interested and get different nutrients, so I opted for a different smoothie for each meal of the day. However, the breakfast smoothies were all the same, the lunch smoothies were the same, and the dinner smoothies were the same. The basic outline for all the recipes is as follows:
    healthy smoothie recipe cleanse
    It’s awesome how easy it is to adapt to any taste preference. You can also add small flavoring ingredients, like spices and juices, as you’ll see I did later on for each meal.

    For breakfast:
    breakfast smoothie cleanse recipe
    For lunch: green smoothie cleanse recipe
    For dinner:hearty dinner smoothie recipe cleanse
  2. Buy the supplies.

    I spent time calculating between the measurements and how many/much of each individual product we would need. Then, we went to the grocery store and brought the cheapest version of everything (we’re in college, after all).
    On all the supplies we spent $45. This seems like it’s expensive, but $45, split between two people, for 9 meals each is only $2.50 per meal! I’d say that’s a fairly good price. Granted, they’re not very large meals, but they do have lots of nutritional value.

  3. Wash, peel, cut, sort.

    This took FOREVER. My hand hurt afterward, but I had to cut all the fruit into small chunks, and all the vegetables into slivers. I don’t have a cutting board in my dorm or a very good knife, so the process was honestly so annoying. However, it’s pretty necessary for everything to be in small pieces; I wish I had cut up the spinach even further.
    bananas peaches fruits chopped up

  4. Blend.

    This would be a lot easier to do in one big blender; triple the recipe and make all 3 days smoothies for each meal at a time. But, literally all I have in college is a small NutriBullet so we had to blend 18 smoothies individually. We came up with a good system with scooping and measuring cups, but it did take a long time! That seems to be a theme with this…
    After blending, we also had lots of supplies left over. We thought it’d be a waste, but we found dorm do-gooders willing to eat the left-over fruits and veggies!

  5. Store.

    I was a little hesitant to store the smoothies. We made the smoothies on Sunday, and our cleanse was supposed to start on Tuesday. Conflicting websites told me they’d rot while others said they wouldn’t! They would at least get sweeter—that didn’t seem like a bad thing. So, into empty milk jugs they went! One jug for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner.
    They stayed in the fridge and tasted fine when we drank them!

Sooo…what did I learn from this?

They didn’t taste terrible.

Texture is key, and the spinach flecks just didn’t do it for me. They really tasted like nothing. I liked the crisp taste of the lunch smoothie and the sweeter taste of the breakfast one, but overall, nothing was bad. Nothing was good, either.

Hunger wasn’t a big problem.

There was a sort of emptiness in my stomach, but my desire to eat was mental. Food was on my mind frequently, but I didn’t necessarily need it! I kept reminding myself that I was getting lots of nutrients from the smoothies, but I certainly was wanting for some pizza to just fill my stomach up.

I felt better.

Ask anyone: I was energized and happy. I did drink more water to supplement, and I felt like my skin looked better too! It definitely cleansed me and made my stomach smaller! Honestly, it could just be a placebo. I felt like I should be feeling better, so I did. Also, I think I wanted it to work so badly that I overcompensated trying to convince myself how good I felt. Either way, I guess it worked!

Why will I not do this again?

Fad diets are unsustainable. The very plan of the diet was to only last three days… how am I supposed to lose weight over that time period? I definitely shrunk my stomach; but after the three days, I wanted to eat so badly! I binged. I felt like I had adjusted, but I didn’t maintain it. 

A healthy alternative would be to actually adjust my food lifestyle. Instead of blending all the foods, I should have just ate some carrots with my meals! Lesson learned. And, I probably should’ve adjusted my workout schedule and actually motivated myself to workout! 

I definitely think I could manage to drink smoothies for one meal a day. Maybe for lunch, but not breakfast! Did you know breakfast should be your biggest, most nutrient-dense meal? It’s fueling you for a whole day!

If you think you could maintain a smaller stomach or just want to cleanse some toxins, give it a whirl! Hopefully you learned something from me, but you should also consult your doctor or a licensed nutritionist just to make sure you’re staying healthy.

However, if you want to actually maintain weight lost or a healthy figure, definitely try to adjust your lifestyle. That’s easier said than done, but give it a whirl!

Have you tried any fad diets or cleanses? Did they work? 

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