How to: Workout Motivation

workout motivation

Working out is hard. If it was easy, we all would do it. Clearly, you’re sitting on your phone or computer (just like I am!). Sometimes you just need some workout motivation! How can you force yourself to get up and do it?

  1. Find a workout you love.

    I absolutely despise running with a passion. For awhile, I decided I was going to convince myself to become a runner. Do you know what that led to? I never worked out! As my nutrition teacher said, “What’s the best workout to lose weight? The one that you’ll do!” I couldn’t agree more. If you just have to walk, walk! Anything is better than siting. Personally, I like the bike for cardio. Sure, I could burn more calories running or on the elliptical machine; but, I wouldn’t run… I’d make excuses. My mom regularly attends water aerobics, and I have friends who do Krav Maga.

    It’s all about what you’re comfortable doing! Anything is better than nothing; find something you love! A workout doesn’t have to be in the gym, lifting weights or using machinery. Anything that gets you up and burning calories is a workout! Some examples of working out that don’t actually feel like working out might be

    • Hike. Head out to nature and take in some pretty views, while also burning calories and working your legs!
    • Dance. Any type of dance gets you on your feet and sweating, and it’s a totally valid form of exercise!
    • Play a sport. Join a club sport or just play a pick up game with friends.
      workout motivation
  2. Pay for a class.

    This one’s a little sticky. If you’re not going to go to it, don’t waste your money on a class. However, paying for something makes me want to get my money worth! Forking over the money for a yoga class compels you to go to yoga. Plus, you’ll have more structure for your workout and you’ll do more. The solidarity of having other people suffer in a class with you makes it seem a little better!

  3. Get cute workout gear (or reward yourself once you reach a workout goal!).

    Who doesn’t want to look killer in the gym? Even if your body isn’t where you want it to be, you can find something that makes you feel like a real, awesome athlete! I buy my leggings for a good price from OldNavy. Sometimes, I cut up t-shirts to make better tank tops, but I also search clearance racks at Academy, OldNavy, and JCPenney… they don’t have to be expensive to look killer! Once you have the outfit, who doesn’t want to go show it off at the gym?
    My workout buddy and I agreed to get super cute Nike shorts once we had been working out regularly for a month! It’s a nice little goal to motivate us, but we also get something that will help us to continue to workout.workout motivation

  4. Find a workout motivation buddy.

    It can be difficult to motivate yourself, especially without a set schedule. I find myself getting sidetracked and prioritizing other things over working out. If I have a plan with a friend, I can’t just back out! I have to hold myself accountable. Likewise, working out is more fun with a friend. It’s exciting to know that you’ll be getting fit and getting to hang out with a friend. We push each other and don’t allow excuses!

  5. Look at “fitspo” pictures online.

    I like to search on Pinterest and look at people working out! While it’s not healthy to compare yourself to other people, it’s really motivating to see other people doing awesome work. I think, I could look like that, too! Or, what’s keeping me from being that girl? That makes me put down my snack and head to the rec! Plus, I can see awesome workouts that clearly worked for other people, and I feel super motivated to try them!
    I also followed lots of fitness accounts on my Instagram, so even when I’m lazily scrolling on my phone, I can’t ignore the idea to workout!
    workout motivation fitspo

  6. Make a killer playlist.

    Personally, because of the major nerd that I am, I like to listen to Hamilton the Musical to get super hyped up. If you don’t want to make the mix yourself from your favorite songs, Spotify has a whole genre of workout music. Just pick one you love. You can edit it; take of songs you don’t like or add new ones you do! Make something you’re actually looking forward to listening to.
    workout motivation playlist

  7. Know you’ll feel better afterwards.

    It’s literally science that exercise releases happy chemicals in your brain! CNN says so. Personally, after I work out I feel so energized and de-stressed. I don’t drink caffeine, so when I seriously need a boost, exercise does the trick.

  8. Remember that the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results!

    They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. If you go now, that’s one less day you have to do in the future before it becomes a habit. You’ll see results sooner and feel better about yourself. Plus, every workout makes you a little bit stronger… so maybe the next workout won’t be so bad!

You can do it! Give up on your reasons on why you’re not working out and just go. Do it. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself afterwards. What’s your favorite workout to do? What motivates you to work out?