Dorm Room Tour

I LOVE MY ROOM. Even though I inevitably picked the smallest dorm room on campus, I still am a fan of how cutely decorated it is. I share a room in a traditional style hall (that means I have a community bathroom). The hall was opened in 1956, and everything has stayed about the same. Although we complain about the bathrooms and tininess of it, nothing can compete with my hall’s central location. I spent months on Pinterest picking out everything I wanted. It all came together, and I’m so proud. Without further ado…

dorm room tour

Close’s desk
When you first walk into my room, you can see that I have the right side of the room. Because of how small the room is, I had to loft my bed to make room for my desk, dresser, and wardrobe that the dorm provided.
Close’s underbed
Under my bed is a little messy, but I have lots of things to cram in! I bought these stackable drawers from Walmart and I store all my beauty things, art supplies, cleaning supplies, and extra food goods in them. I utilize a hanging pocket on the side of my bed to store my phone, glasses, books, etc. when I go to sleep. On my desk, I have a dish rack that works as a shelf to increase the surface area on my desk!
Close’s bed
Yes, that incredibly thin ladder is where I make my daring ascent to my bed every night. That small cart next to my fridge is where I store my shelf stable foods. On top of that is my shower caddy. I keep all my dishes in a drying rack on top of my fridge. This also doubles as my bedside table… you’ll find water and snacks and anything else on top of it.
Close’s bed pictures
I call my bed “upstairs,” and it’s my own little paradise. My wonderful grandma made me pink and gold pillows to match my reversible Anthropology comforter. I have a super soft blanket and body pillow that keep me cozy. I’m obsessed with my picture wall; I just clothes-pinned all my favorite pictures to two strings of lights! It’s such a good reading light and decoration. My make-shift headboard is tulle and ribbon that’s just thumbtacked to the wall.
dorm window
My dresser and “dressing area” is in the other corner. I have another one of those drawer sets that’s overflowing with my underwear and socks. In my dresser, I keep t-shirts and pants. My little “tea set” of plants was a wonderful gift from my boyfriend. He collected various pieces of different sets from thrift stores and potted succulents in them for me! I also have lots of jewelry I never wear. Across from this, a body-length mirror hangs on my wardrobe.
Close’s closet
Inside my wardrobe I have all my hanging clothes! I brought a shoe shelf from home for the various shoes I never wear. My robe and current towel stay hanging on the door with some over-door hooks, and all my other towels are neatly stored on the top.
Close on bed
Just a casual picture of me lounging in my room casually.

I love my room, and I hope you do, too! If you’re wondering where anything is from, feel free to ask in the comments!